Disputes over misappropriation of trade secrets and misuse of confidential information have become increasingly common in today’s business world.  The elements necessary to establish trade secret protection and the available defenses can vary from state to state.  Most trade secret cases in Texas are now governed by the Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act; cases in other states may be governed by a similar statutes or, as in most cases, the common law.  In general, however, trade secret protection can extend to virtually any confidential business information, including formulas, patterns, compilations, programs, methods, techniques, processes, financial data, and lists of actual or potential customers or supplier.

Representative trade secret and confidential information litigation handled by lawyers at Moulton & Wilson, LLP include:

  • Representation of departing partners, shareholders, and employees in claims involving allegations of improper solicitation of clients, breach of contract, misuse of alleged confidential and trade secret information, breach of fiduciary duty, or tortious interference, and seeking immediate and permanent injunctive relief and damages.
  • Injunction defense of trade secret and unfair competition claims in the surgical stapling, investment banking, diesel oil, and down-hole tubing businesses.
  • Representation of investment company against claims of stealing confidential high net worth customer lists.

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