Non-competition and non-solicitation litigation has become commonplace.  But even though the cases may raise many of the same factual and legal issues, each one presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities.  Non-competition and non-solicitation agreements often involve Financial Advisors, as discussed here, and Physicians & Executives, as discussed here.  But non-competition and non-solicitation agreements have become ubiquitous across businesses as some states, like Texas, have become more likely to enforce them.

The lawyers at Moulton & Wilson, LLP have been representing firms and individuals in non-competition and non-solicitation cases for over 70 years combined.  In addition to the representative cases discussed under Financial Advisors and Physicians & Executives, the lawyers at Moulton & Wilson, LLPhave handled such cases in the energy, investment banking, wholesale and retail sales, and retail energy marketing businesses.

The experienced Commercial Litigation lawyers at Moulton & Wilson, LLP will guide you through the litigation process so you can focus on running and building your business. During your initial consultation we will listen to the legal issues confronting your business.  We will clearly explain what you can expect from us and what we will expect from you so that together we can achieve your goals.