Temporary restraining orders and temporary injunctions and other emergency proceedings can have an enormous impact on a business.  They require the services of a lawyer who can learn quickly, is good on his or her feet, and knows how to try cases to a judge and not a jury.  Such cases also present unique challenges in preparing for what may be a critical evidentiary or other hearing in a very short period of time.

Moulton & Wilson, LLP prides itself on its ability to gear up for and manage injunction hearings and emergency proceedings under highly stressful conditions in a compressed time frame.  Representative injunctions and emergency proceedings handled by lawyers at Moulton & Wilson, LLP include:

  • Representation of departing partners, shareholders, and employees in claims involving allegations of improper solicitation of clients, breach of contract, misuse of alleged confidential and trade secret information, breach of fiduciary duty, or tortious interference, and seeking immediate and permanent injunctive relief and damages.
  • Injunction defense of trade secret and unfair competition claims in the surgical stapling, investment banking, diesel oil, viatical investment, and down-hole tubing businesses.
  • Prosecution of injunction claims by major Houston company against its former assistant general counsel.
  • Defense of coatings manufacturer against action by competitor seeking an injunction against the employment of the competitor’s former employee.

The experienced Commercial Litigation lawyers at Moulton & Wilson, LLP will guide you through the litigation process so you can focus on running and building your business. During your initial consultation we will listen to the legal issues confronting your business.  We will clearly explain what you can expect from us and what we will expect from you so that together we can achieve your goals.